Cinege darts brand was our dream for years. After long preparation and planning, the first barrel came with this logo in 2017. We work hard to meet the needs of our customers to the maximum that’s why each Cinege product is carefully prepared and tested before being presented. We apply the highest quality standards and the latest technologies to make our products always the best results.


The embodiment of sophistication and precision. Long, centre-weight barrel for straight shape lovers. You can find two different grip surfaces on it. Shark-grip for stable shooting and rings for precise controllability. It's specialty is the PCT coloring, which makes Ogree truly unique.


A real unique barrel from Cinege Darts brand. This special shape was inspired by the best known Japanese darts sets. Far Eastern style may seem unusual in Europe, but when you get into your hands, you will understand immediately why so many people like this shape.

We are proud of our players who achieve success with our products in the world. We believe that fun is the basic goal of darts, but the best feeling is victory. Therefore, we aimed at maximizing the scoring with each of our products. Share with us if you win a tournament with Cinege!